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"The end and the beginning rolled into one"

Hi everyone and welcome to Tobias and "I". It feels like the end beacause I have finally decided to up my game and put it all into practice or rather "Spirit" decided for me! Over thirty years on my spritual path and Im still as hungry for new information and inspiration as I have always been.

The "beginning" part was inspired by my introduction to Tobias, who basically kicked my ass and instructed me to get into gear and use it all to bring healing and aid to people, who, like myself are on this majical journey of ascension.

Tobias is not of this world and we have "our story" which will be told sometime. for now its suffice to say he is "my guide".

Our wish is to guide and support any of you that are "searching.

So that the formalities out of the way for now. Hop on and enjoy the journey

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