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Spiritual journey

On reflection I can now see that many of my painful emotional experiences were the training ground for my spiritual journey. During those times of distress be it a relationship ending or losing someone I loved to death, it was impossible to see that there was purpose. I am however grateful that I had the ability to eventually connect with my Higher Power and listen to what I was being shown.

It is a deep down feeling of knowing there is "something" or "someone" else in control of our destiny. It is a knowing deep inside of us that just niggles and will continue to gently niggle until we listen. That is our inner voice. It does not use verbal language as we know it; it speaks in vibration. Every aspect of life on this planet speaks the language of vibration. Us humans understand that as "feelings" or "emotions". Our emotions are "energy in motion". So when we experience an emotional reaction to a situation, place, person etc; that is the language of our soul.

It is often the first sign of guidance that we are at the beginning of s spiritual journey or an awakening to the purpose of our soul.

My wish for you reader is that you allow yourself space to listen. Put your ear close to your heart centre and really listen to what your soul is telling you. The heart space is the command centre of your being and it will NEVER guide you in the wrong direction.

This is the language of your soul and your compass for your spiritual journey.

I wish for you many blessings on this path

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