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Minding our minds

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Spring is on the way and even that seems to be taking its time "springing". It almost feels like its afraid to come along. There is a nervousness filling the air as we all wait with baited breath to see is it safe to exit our covid slumber.

It's interesting that the animal and plant kingdoms are awakening on schedule from their winter hibernation as usual as we humans feel like we are staggering through a fog having no idea what to expect and when.

The irony is palpable as we are meant to be the superior beings on this planet but yet we are imprisoned in state of quarantine for, well, who knows how long more while all other aspects of nature carry on regardless. Food for thought indeed.

Anyway it is not my intention to discuss the current global pandemic; only to use it as a platform for what really matters.

Having had two conversations with some friends today and also from a general viewpoint it is obvious


People are fed up, sad, lonely, uninterested, uninspired, tired, directionless, narky and the list goes on.

Mental health issues can begin and develop over time without us even realising it.

The continuing "groundhog day" experiences are taking such a toll on our mental wellbeing.

We just "get on" with our day to day duties as usual beacuse we are in survival mode. What else can we do.

However the balance is what is being challenged as our basic human social needs are forcibly being neglected. Many of us would incorporate a swim in the pool a few times a week, a visit to the gym, coffee/lunch with friends, attend a birthday party, some retail therapy etc.

So the lack of access to these and other activities makes life very dull right now.

As we continue to fulfill our roles as employees, parents, carers etc, a lot hangs in the balance.

So this is a time to lower your expectations of yourself. It's ok to not achieve goals you would have set for yourself back in the good days. It's ok to allow yourself to sleep on a little longer, sit and read a book, do some passive activity that simply just keeps you ticking over. Do not put yourself under pressure to achieve impossible measures.

Achieving goals requires you to be in a balanced state. It requires you to be firing on all cylinders and right now it is unlikely to be happening so cut yourself some slack.

Consider it a hibernating period and like the animal kingdom, we will awaken refreshed and prepared when the time is right. Blessings and good wishes to you all for now...for "Now" is all we ever have.

Tobias and "I"

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