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Meditation....the struggle is real...!

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

As a relative newbie, Whenever I try to meditate my mind kicks off like that of a two year old throwing a tantrum. Every thought possible invades immediately so the battle ensues. As a result lot of it is taken up with the mind trying to analyse why I'm not doing it right and almost all the time I give up.

However, having read about, researched, discussed it etc I have come to my own conclusions.

So many of us visualise ourselves sitting in the lotus position for a scheduled 20 minute slot, completely engrossed in the practice, oblivious to all external triggers. And so we decide that this is how its done. We prepare, sit, expect, struggle, become agitated if it doesn't work out, leave the session, beat ourselves up because we were not successful and finally decide its too much hassle. We then repeat this same process at another time when life gets in the way and we "need to conquer meditation". So off we go again!

So the conclusions I have reached have given me a much softer approach. Being a nature lover, I spend a lot of time outdoors walking, taking photos and/or just "being". I LOVE observing aspects of Mother Earth e.g. watching a sunset, listening to and watching the birds, observing the changing clouds or quite simply just listening.

Listening in nature has become for me one of the purest forms of meditation. The array of sounds from animals, birds, weather is astounding. So I tend to quieten my mind to "tune in" so to speak. And the realisation hit me clearly one day I am actually meditating without a self imposed ritual. It just comes naturally without any struggle or expectation.

When you find yourself doing something that you love like playing an instrument, reading, singing, knitting, driving, gardening to name but a few "YOU ARE MEDITATING"; at one with yourself

Observe that silent humming within your when you are engaged in your space/activity whatever it may be and embrace it.

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