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Trust the darkness

If you are lost

If nothing makes sense anymore

If all your reference points

have collapsed.

If the old life is crumbling now

If the mind is foggy, tired, busy

If the organism is exhausted

and longs to rest.



This is a rite of passage

not an error.

You are healing

in your own original way

Contact the ground now

Breathe in and out

make room for the visitors:

the sorrow, doubt, fear, anger

An ancient emptiness

They just want to be felt

They just want to  pass through.

You are the vessel, not a seperate self

You are a sky, not the passing weather.

An old life is falling away

A new life is being born.

Others may not understand

But trust anyway,


Contact the ground

Jeff Foster

Tobias and "I"

I would like to invite you to contact me via whats app, zoom or just a simple phone call for a conultation at first. 

Distant healing is available via zoom, whats app video/call. It can also be pre arranged via a phonecall;  the time can be mutually agreed and the healing carried out on your behalf.

Individual personal sessions available. I am currently working on a premises. In the meantime should you require a home visit that too can be arranged.

Do you have a favorite place in nature where you like to walk?

       "Heel to heal"

strolls are also available. 

Thanks for submitting!

My Mission

Gentle soul surgery

To guide and support you as you discover the peace and light within your soul

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