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are a collection of approximately 75 billion cells! Not alone that, each one of those cells are alive and continuously vibrating and holds information about the entire human system. So in effect you are a walking, talking breathing collection of “energy”!!

All of these therapies are on offer as remote healing. Following an intensive consultation either by email or a chat online via zoom, whats app etc., we will decide what direction needs to be taken to help you live your best life!

Bio energy therapy

Surrounding your physical body is a a particular field known as the “auric field” or simply the “aura”. This is comprised of four layers.

  • The outer layer surrounding the physical body where we experience all of the physical senses.

  • The second layer is the psycho, spiritual; the mind where we make decisions, rely on for direction etc.

  • The third layer is the mythic where our cultural, religious and historical identity resides and influences the other two layers

  • The fourth layer where our most sensitive self, resides. This is our spiritual "beingness" where we can collect our painful experiences and traumas and hold on to them here.

Within these layers is where our emotions, experienced during traumatic events can become trapped. In a lot of cases these events may be buried very deeply within a persons’ psyche and unknowingly be causing harm and subsequent illness. When this occurs the natural flow of energy can be blocked and become stagnant. The aim of the therapist is to unblock this and promote general wellbeing

Chakra balancing

The chakras are spinning vortexes of energy points located in and around the body. They are depicted as having their own unique colour and purpose. There are seven main chakras which is usually what the therapist will work with. When energy becomes blocked within these centres, imbalances occur and may eventually lead to physical illness.

Each one, due to their location just outside the body govern a particular area. For example the solar plexus chakra is located just above the navel and below the sternum (chest bone). Blockages within this chakra can lead to anxiety, anger and fear. The organs it relates to are the intestines, pancreas, liver, bladder and stomach. This particular one is generally resembled by the colour yellow.

During the session the therapist will determine which one(s) need balancing and proceed from there. 

There are also certain crystals and essential oils which can be used to enhance their natural functioning during and after the session. 

Shamanic healing

Shamanism is an ancient practice of healing that looks for and addresses the root cause of physical and or emotional disease and imbalance within a person. It primarily focuses on the individuals’ life force energy that may have been infiltrated along the way. Polluted energy can be a result of lingering past life experiences or ancestral baggage. The shamanic practitioner addresses spiritual attachment where an unwanted energy or entity can attach itself to our auric field and cause disturbance. Their role, via various healing techniques is to access these entities/energies and remove them from the person.

The Shaman is known as “the wounded healer”. They draw on personal experience and deep connection with other worldly connections to aid them in their procedures. Tools such as pendulum, shamanic drum, dowsing rods, crystals essential oils all can play a part. The essesnce of this practice is generally working with "spiritual realm"


This is a beautiful ancient practice originating in Hawaii and passed down through generations of healers.

Each and every one of us are an element of Divine light. For some of us the light is barely flickering and for others it burns brightly depending on our connection and experiences throughout our lifetime and previous lifetimes.

This practices is a simple but absolutely powerful method of addressing that light within as it takes us back to the core of our beings in a very un-intrusive and natural way.

It allows us to go within and engage in healing ourselves from the inside out. As with the above practices it addresses all of the “stuff” we hold on to so tightly that gets in the way of our natural flow of being.

The practitioner gently guides and supports the person with very simple techniques to clean and erase blocked emotions and or memories, enabling a person to actually self- heal. It is indeed a beautiful method and is very effective.

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