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to an alternative approach to energy healing. I offer distant healing so that you can relax in the comfort of your own home and I, along with my spiritual entourage do the work. Incorporated are different energy healing practices such as shamanic healing and chakra  balancing. All of which lead to a healthier, happier and more balance "You".

About Me.

Hi, I'm Paula.

I've worked as a social care-worker for over 20 years in the disability sector.  For the past 30 years or more personal experiences and traumas have taken me down my own spiritual path. Having travelled extensively over the years , many of my experiences have afforded me valuable spiritual teachings. I have come to follow many spiritual teachers as well as studying healing modalities such as shamanic practice, crystal therapy, land and house healing to name but a few.

Much of my spiritual transformation took place while spending time in nature and connecting with Mother Earth.

I have three spirit guides with whom I work daily; Tobias being one of them.

So if I can, I would like to offer  assistance and guidance  to you on your journey.

Many blessings to you  


Raising the Bar


Personalized Attention

I invite you to make contact with me however you choose. During our initial consultation, we can discuss whatever issues you would like to resolve and the direction you may wish to take.


National Standards

I then allocate a specific time to carry out your healing. I will give you a detailed description, with photos, of how the distant healing session is carried out. Following the session, I will make contact again and provide you with a detailed description of what unfolds. I can also email you a written description if required.


On Time or Your Money Back

I am committed to providing you with a healing experience that meets your expectations. If I fail to deliver the healing session on time, I offer a money-back guarantee.


Locally Owned

As a locally owned healing service, I am deeply rooted in the community. I understand the unique needs and challenges of the people here, and I am dedicated to providing personalized healing solutions.

Here are some of the healing practices on offer





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